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    "That Moment...when no words are spoken, but all emotions

            are full bore. You're living... through the character..."     

Shane P. Allen, Actor, Writer, Director, is in the arts because as he says, He "can't quit it". Most of Shane's 13 years of acting study occurred at "The Playhouse West in North Hollywood.  "The Playhouse West is like a Gymnasium, a Sanctuary , and a Holy Place all in one room".  Other training comes from many acting coaches in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Shane has Stage, Television, and many Film Credits.  As a SAG Actor, his real passion is film..."You cannot lie emotionally, no matter how technically perfect you may be, on film,  If  "it"  is not in the eyes on a forty foot close up - all is lost."

His goal is to present characters with texture, depth, and realism no matter how flawed. He explores his characters' history, their psychology, emotionality, as well as, their physicality, whether it's the lead or supporting character.  "When my friends say, 'That's not you...that's really you?'  I am happiest."

"The quest is to allow viewers that moment when they can peek into 

your Characters' emotional reality and be forever affected. I've always believed if a viewer can turn off the sound and stay engaged with the character, you know the actor is connected too, and living through, the moment.  It is the silently spoken dialogue between words that creates honesty and the deepest impacts." 

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